Material treatments and procedures

In each production process, workpieces are brought ever closer to their desired final condition through various material treatments and refinements.

PLH Oberflächenbearbeitung supports you in this process as a specialist for sandblasting and barrel finishing vibratory grinding in the form of mechanical pre- and post-treatment as well as in chemical electroless nickel plating.

Depending on the requirements in the modular refining process for your products, the following machining measures can be requested and performed by us:


Sandblasting is carried out in the sandblasting booth. This material-removing procedure involves the mechanical pretreatment of the surface of a workpiece or material using abrasives that are blasted onto the workpiece with compressed air. It can be used for deburring workpieces.

Vibratory grinding

As a material-removing procedure, vibratory grinding is used to pretreat parts that are to be coated. This method is commonly used to obtain shiny parts. Cleaning the surface improves its adhesion properties for subsequent coating.


In terms of coating, we are specialized in the procedure of electroless nickel plating. This method guarantees extensive protection against wear and corrosion. Hardness, coat thickness, and abrasion resistance test methods underpin our high level of quality.

Our services

quality inspection

Hardness, coat thickness, and abrasion resistance testing

Test methods:
- Coat density by means of X-ray
- Sectional microscopy
- Coulometry
- Taber test (external)

Contract manufacturing

Workpieces and standard parts

- Series production customers with quotas
- Ad hoc orders and enquiries
- Dimensional / feasibility checks

order processing

- Within 4-5 working days
- Order processing by telephone
- Short communication chain
- Right contact person
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